Reading about me? Do not get stumble.

I do not feel apprehensive about what people think about me. I remain cool and follow the law of neutrality irrespective of the fact what the situation is. All I know about myself is- I live by chance, I fly by passion and I love by will.

Calling me an entrepreneur is a height of vanity. Entrepreneurs are like gamblers whose chances of winning increases if they own right cards and vision. ‘Success in life always begins with a vision’ and with the intuitive & spiritual mindset a vision can be transformed into reality. Therefore, Intuitive mindset & vision play the vital role in my life. I consider these two to be the gateway to live a successful life and my basic instinct is to keep learning, innovating and exploring the things. Today, being surrounded by the era of inventiveness, I do not welcome the erected things but prioritize to give credit to self innovation backed by the originality. Right from the beginning, I have always been focusing on building the brand names to connect directly with the audience and building the relationship on global scale. Due to this reason, I prefer managing the group and leading them to the right path and urging strong desire to innovate something bright in the field of management and technology which can act as a boon to the coming youth. So, I think creatively, in order to break down a problem into small manageable segments. I found it so interesting to interact and communicate with the masses, knowing their approaches. Nature of every human is so unpredictable and diverse; studying, how different persons respond under various circumstances. I tend to learn so many different aspects of an individual’s personality.

I believe -‘Accept and live the life as it comes’. Today, we are brought up in the digital world. Digital media encompasses a myriad of different touch points which is dynamic. So, innovation is vital. Since last so many years I’ve been receiving the opportunity visiting to the various technical and management universities to deliver the motivational speeches and to conduct the entrepreneurial workshops.

Yes, I feel myself under deep bliss that I’m privileged to influence the young minds through ‘Words’, Words that lay strong emphasis in the minds of the people. My deep thought process has been accompanied by most of the companions which have paid them equally. Also, it has created a passion for them in writing and taking a deep insight into the current prevailing issues.

An Entrepreneur ‘Lead’. I’m a sole driver of my life. I always proceed with a will to innovate and start without being pushed.