What is Success?

What is Success?

‘Success’, such a common word as everyone is running behind it. Have you ever thought; everything we are doing is for the success, but do we actually know what it means??

I know that your answers will be ‘Yes’! And if I am not wrong then according to you success means, reaching a point where people acknowledge you for good things, wealth starts knocking your door rapidly and every good as per your thought process starts happening in your life.

But don’t you think that you are getting ill-logical subconsciously and what you feel is success; it is not actually called as success. I know, your mind is getting smashed with a feeling that what kind of weird & ill-logical thing I am saying.

Let me justify this and explain you the same with a help of very simple example:  Right from your school days till now you must have experienced that to solve any problem or to excel in exams or competition, you need to learn & understand the respective subject & practice the same. And in case you do not understand the problem and do not practice, then you are unable to crack the problem or an exam.

Being logical, don’t you think that if you really know the meaning of ‘success’ and has understood the same, then why you are not able to achieve it?? Now, do not try to be smart and say that your destiny is not pushing you for the success…

The fact is that we all do not know the meaning of ‘success’ at a subtle level and are striving hard to achieve it. It’s like you do not know anything about a particular subject and trying to score full marks, which is not possible. Also, there is 2nd category of people who will start studying a subject, understands it at surface level and feels that now they know the real meaning of ‘success’. Stop It !!!! Let me remind you; an intelligent person has said, “incomplete knowledge of subject is more deadly than having no knowledge”. So, this category of people once starts getting praise from the people they feels like: now I have started gaining success, software developer in a company after getting acknowledgement as good software developer & getting awarded feels like: I am getting successful now, some people after having good hands on writing experience feels like: now I am a good writer and people have started acknowledging the same, and many more such cases. Moreover, this so called ‘self created illusionary success’ makes them feel; now when we have started getting success, we can be ignorant and irresponsible as people have already stated accepting us, and unconsciously they also start doing wrong deeds in conflict to the nature, like losing their social adaptability to face the challenges, getting into the vicious temporary pleasure of life i.e. s*x & money, and many other such things that they start committing unknowingly.

The ‘Real Success’ means something else. Success means to attain a state of neutrality with maturity, and learning the art to create & live a balanced and peaceful life in all circumstances. Have you ever wondered, Why ‘success’ and ‘failure’ both comprises of seven characters?? It is not a coincidence; rather it carries a higher level science that logically defines the same. In-fact the origin of ‘success’ has taken place from ‘failure’, and without understanding parent, how one can understand their child.

Failure, the seven character word having the starting letter ‘f’ that comes before ‘s’, where ‘f’ stands for ‘Finest’ and at subtle level means to achieve that fine frequency that is in resonance with nature’s frequency is capable to make you learn the art of neutrality, thus giving birth to a new energy using which you can control you body & mind in all circumstances and will awaken self realization within you. Once you get attune with that fine frequency, then ‘failure’ will offer you a lifetime gift by pushing you towards its child branch that is ‘success’, and one day when the child will become father then he will push others to be successfully.

Therefore, the beauty of ‘success’ lies in accepting failure and making others successful that will take you to that blissful state where you will get infinite peace and harmony.

So, do not brag consciously or un-consciously or say a lie about the success of your milestones as this will put you in a state of illusion and temporary peace that will make you a wandering soul at the end, because a child without a father is always in-complete.

Do you still feel that you are heading towards ‘Success’???