On this planet Earth, there is one special relationship that everyone possesses in their mortal lives, it is that relationship which is beyond comparison and boundaries of right & wrong; the relationship of a mother. Mother’s Day is about to come on 10th May 2020 and a lot of people will acknowledge their love for mother in a certain way.

I feel very strange when I hear people saying “let’s celebrate Mother’s day” with great pride. How can we just give a single day of celebration for the one who is the epitome of love, compassion, care and sacrifice. Tell me one thing, do we really have any concept of celebrating a ‘Religious day’ or a ‘Spiritual day’? We practice and embrace religion and spirituality in our daily routine. For us religion and spirituality are the fundamental tools for leading a pleasant life and the key to liberation. But to my utter surprise, these are the tools that we have not self discovered rather someone told us, but yet we believe, follow & practice them. It is really out of my scope of understanding that how come mother who is the basis of our birth on this planet earth, which we know consciously, we become ignorant about her. 

We need to understand this; if we are really searching for the creator of the planet let’s follow our dharma; to embrace with joy the existence & knowing of our originator on this planet ‘Our Mother’.

Don’t do this crime, I request all of you, being ignorant about your own source of origin on earth will take you far away from reality. If you really want to evolve as a less ordinary human being, then don’t think of going to temple first or about enhancing your skills in a rush and neither about your own spiritual process first, rather just become consciously receptive for your own source of origin ‘your mother’, and trust me your journey to transcend as an extraordinary human being will begin with a great possibility. 

I bow down to all the sources of origin on this planet; the one who gave me birth, the one who gives me land to live and food to eat, and to the one who is the mother of the creator itself. 

I would request all of you, let’s come together and take a pledge to transform ourselves from celebrating ‘Mother’s Day’ to becoming ‘Motherious’ that means each one of us can embrace her presence every single moment and make her feel special with every breath. 

I would like to share with all of you; I come from the land of sages and wisdom ‘The Bharat’ where mother is not just treated as a mother rather she is considered as a Goddess. For all the mothers on this planet and for all the sources of origin on this planet here are four lines from the bottom of my heart. Also, in Bharat we call mother as ‘Maa’. Even today also I call my mother as Maa and these lines for all the mothers in the world:

Jis god mein khela tha bachpan mein main kabhi,

Aaj us dar pe fir nayi khushi se mulaqaat hui hai,

Sirf suna tha maa ke pairon mein sukoon hai milta,

Aaj un pairon mein jhuka to laga sukoon ki barsaat hui hai.