Mr. Ujjwal Chugh is a young Entrepreneur with dynamic personality

As a Digital Visionary-

Being a Digital Visionary, Mr. Chugh has disseminated end to end technical & smart strategic Digital Marketing solutions to the various prestigious enterprises and new start ups in India. Since 2012, he has been receiving invitations from 50+ Universities to conduct the Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship workshops where he interacted with more than 10,000+ students and have given them a way to start their entrepreneurial career by starting up their digital ventures that has the potential to create visionary leaders in every sphere.

On establishing & setting-up the evidences for the same he has personally experienced that Digital Marketing helps in realizing an individual his real potential and gives a way to manifest his personality & talent. He strongly considers Digital Marketing, such a powerful tool that has the power to mobilize the Indian youth and can eradicate unemployment up to a large extent from our country. Due to this reason, he strongly urge the youth to adapt this prevailing ever growing digital marketing sphere that has the potential to create leaders in every sphere having leading visionary entrepreneurs.

Also, he started a digital revolution and has been working for the same & took initiatives for digital empowerment since 2013.

As an Educationalist & Young Author

Mr. Ujjwal Chugh have been inspiring &channelizing the youth towards the Indian Armed Forces by contributing his practical knowledge for the SSB Interview as he himself cracked NDA & SSB twice. He realized the need of providing right guidance & knowledge to the Armed Forces aspirants when he started receiving the request from PAN India level for the same, and therefore, he wrote a highly intuitive, practical, result oriented and scientific book on How to Crack the SSB that was launched at the World Book Fair by the International publication house Viva Group on 15th January 2016 at Pragati Maidan New Delhi. The media channels captured the grand launching of the book. The Book has induced thousands minds to shape up their career in the Indian Armed Forces and received lots of applaud by the audience. The success for the same can be measured from the fact that within the initial 6 months of launching the 1st edition of the book has been sold out with phenomenal reviews of the book. Moreover an online portal for live guidance on SSB has also been setup which is being used by the aspirants since 2012.