Life is a mirror- just ‘SMILE’ at it…

(This means that the ‘give-and-take’ system prevails between the nature and individuals.)

An ‘Ideology’ is the philosophy of the prudent and inquisitive mind which reflects the overall personality of an individual.

If we could really know what was going to happen to us, it would certainly be important to us. But who really knows? The future is uncertain and is governed by the higher energy levels. Destiny does exist. It is inevitable & unchangeable. However, it does not imply; for everything one should rely on destiny only i.e. my destiny will shape my future. Generally, we have the tendency to make our destiny accountable for the entire favorable and unfavorable event happening in our life. So, one should not just stop by accepting the fact that ‘My destiny is taking me’ because there is one thing that has a power to ship your destiny- is your ‘Karma’. Our deeds justify our destiny.

In this universe, nature has aligned the things so beautifully and scientifically so that everything resides in the basket of harmony everywhere. But we individuals from our personalized thought process creates disharmony disturbing the chain of the nature. This is the sole reason why the things become worse than it actually is. We are not able to live it in the peace. Thus, everything is inter-linked in this universe. For instance- the oxygen needed by humans to live is produced by plants, while the waste product of breathing, carbon dioxide, is used by plants as a raw material in photosynthesis; the process by which oxygen is made

If we come to the higher granularities and observe the things, we will realize that- ‘Whatever happened in the past, it happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever shall happen in the future, shall happen for the good only’ in order to balance the nature. So, it is worthless to over-think about the past. When something bad happens to us, we resist accepting it. But the fact is, the energy is vibrating in such a way to create the state of harmony only. Nature has the nature to gift harmony to each and every individual. Every time, nature tries to re-create the harmony only because every single particle present in this universe is in harmony and it is a universal truth that – ‘Nature loves Harmony’. So, whatever nature does, it is for the sake of our betterment only. For instance, Albert Einstein- school failed him but he wanted to learn the things but not for the examination. This of the reason many times he was badly humiliated and is often thrown out from the class by his mathematics teacher and concluded that he cannot do anything in his life. So, for him nature created an opposing negative energy for him to do wonders in the field of mathematics and finally he excelled in his field.

‘Nature is basically, ether (form of energy) and we individuals are the small entity of this big form of energy. So, if any single particle goes out of this structure the state of disequilibrium comes. We individuals being the small entity have to ought to operate under this big form of energy. Thus, both forms of energies have to go parallel. Energy can neither can be created nor destroyed but it can be changed from one form to another form. So, the nature only transforms the energy from one body to another. And all these energy can exist when all the particles are vibrating in the same sink. If you compliment the energy the output will be the highest otherwise the state can prove to be very uncomfortable and hazardous. Whatever is happening has been governed from the cause and effect relationship which means for every single thing there is a cause and for that cause an ultimate effect has to be there. The idea is whatever karma we are doing, the same we’ll reap. So, if we try to observe from our holistic approach we will realize that somehow the things which are happening to us- at particular moment they tend to be very good for our future or it happens because something good is lying for us.

I have been very fortunate that at a very small age, I have personally experienced ‘n’ number of time that whatever has happened with me has equally paid me in something great. This is the only reason which urged me going despite of knowing to face the thousands of challenges struggling to be an entrepreneur.

My core ideology is- we as an individual must accept the law of neutrality i.e. there is nothing good or bad/ right or wrong in this world but it is just our individual opinion/approach makes it so. We humans have two approaches to sustain our life. One approach to live a life of ‘Missionary’ and the other of ‘Visionary’. A visionary compliments a doer ship life. In this case, we will be a driver for innovating a new path and dimensions whereas being a missionary mean we would live like a follower. If you’re visionary, your faculty will augur the things. This helps the person in creating new dimensions. If your thoughts and vision could reach at point of neutrality then this would mean you’re in complete real harmony.

Harmony, the term itself justifies the meaning ‘the pleasing arrangement of sound’. Nature has the big motive behind the creation of an individual i.e. the things complimenting the personality. If we individual tries to make changes to this mechanism then we are sure to become the victim of the bad consequences. Remember, a disturbed nature can never let you live in peace. It has been analyzed that nature itself tries to bring back the disequilibrium to the point of equilibrium. We are ought to respect the nature. If we don’t respect our nature then definitely nature will take its revenge and that would be the last day for the individuals on this planet.

Rabb Jereya Rangan Ch Raazi...
(ਪਤਾ ਨਹੀਂ ਰੱਬ ਕਿਹੜਿਆਂ ਰੰਗਾਂ ’ਚ ਰਾਜ਼ੀ)
Do, whatever you desire. Let’s accept the personality that has been given to us by the nature and give our best efforts to compliment it. & one must accept it whole-heartedly......