It's never about You Only...

You alone are not the creator of your self, in-fact we are analogous to a spec of dust. The making of any consciously receptive person is collaborative, willing support & push of other members called 'TEAM.'

Really, I am overwhelmed.

Such lovely comments strengthen my vision.

Youth is a powerhouse of talent. I am just a catalyst.

Thank You So Very Much For Your Love & Support

It's being an awesome and overwhelming experience with Ujjwal sir and his entire team for making us learn the entrepreneurial , leadership skills and we also got to know how to boost the craziest of ideas into Startup✌.

Shweta Kapoor

Sir your two day session was great we really had a great time and your guidance will help us advance in life😊

Shubhi Mishra

It has been such a great experience and honour to have ujjwal sir and his team with us! The 3 day workshop made us way more confident than before. Life and leadership lessons learnt very well☺️

Ishu neet

Sir is a good motivator and a great teacher too. A teacher who easily connects himself with the students with his pleasing personality and his way to see things in life is something which amazed me very much.

Namita Pandey

It has been a wonderful two days. I learnt a lot of technical knowledge in about digital marketing which will be very useful for me further and one of the most important session in which I knew that three pillars for a successful life(CKC).Thank you sir for your support.

Satyam sharma

It was the best session of my life. Sir motivate me and provide me the path through which i can achieve my dream.

Ajay kumar

Sir, u r really a good motivator..and the session of digital marketing was the one of the best session of Mah life ...we enjoyed the lot ..with u ..during this thanku very much sir .😊

Anjali Gupta

Loved the interaction with digital marketing... #Ujjwal Sir, your enthusiasm is motivation booster. We are fortunate that we got a chance to know you and also looking forward to know more about the knowledge you bring.

varsha mishra

Wonderful session with sir about digital marketing Mainly the methods and examples of clearing the concept is damn good. Its my pleasure that i got the opportunity to attend the session nd really looking forward to achieve my goals😊

Ritvick Aggarwal

An entrepreneur and social reformed making digitization easy for rural citizen good job

Harshit Chauhan

A great personality with a big heart..He is doing marvelous work keep it up 👍.

Ritika Sharma

An inspiring and informative session on digital marketing made you stand out from others! In your own words, your session was "extra-ordinary"

Gulfam Virdi

It was just an amazing experience meeting with you and your team sir. We have come to know a lot about entrepreneurship, the significance of digital marketing in today’s era, it’s different concepts and so on. I just want to say that you are doing a marvellous job by giving many young minds that ‘push’. Thank you.

Yukti Dhiman

A great and innovative person who never steps back in achieving his goal. I stronly believe he can take this Explainoexpo to it's zenith for sure.Congragulations and All the best Sir!!!

Tejaswini Reddy

Sir you are an amazing and wonderful Pearson,your kind heart knows how to care for people,and you are always there for anyone needs it.

Vaishnava Dwivedi

Ujjwal sir's achievements and work in this so young age has motivated me to work hard and stay focused to my goal. He is really inspiring to the youth 

Sneh Mishra

The session was highly interactive and well managed. For the new aspirants as well as for repeaters its surely a thumbs up. Either you read book or follow sir's live sessions it will surely do the wonder for you.

Peeyush Sharma

Mr.Ujjwal Chugh Sir is a vibrant personality. He is a leading entrepreneur doing wonders, achieving such prestigious accolades at such a young age. A true motivator, fan to his lakhs of students/youth, a great philanthropist taking appt. care of the poor sections of the society, a leader to his huge innovative team. Wish you do more such wonders in the future! Highly inspired through his work & achievement. Keep going and bring change in the society.

Pooja Vipin Chanyana

Such a versatile personality you have sir. Thank you soo much for your guidance and it's pleasure meeting you and got to learn soo many life changing things from you. Thanks alot sir.

Eshank Jaiswal

such a versatile and great personality👌wid clear thoughts nd vision...waiting for ur next workshop sir

Simran Kakkar

I have always known Ujjwal Sir through his book, his great work, thoughts. He is such a vibrant personality. Wish to see him soon......Marvellous person doing superb.

Muk Uul

Never Standing Still

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