• 'CKC'
    " The Secret To Become Less Ordinary "


Success is all about defeating your own self which brings ultimate satisfaction as you become your own master, and all other materialistic achievements comes in your basket as a by-product.


'C' - Clarity

The very important factor which I realized to become less ordinary.

'K' - Knowledge

To me success means acquiring infinite knowledge.

'C' - Conviction

I developed a Conviction for my work. Conviction is the master key to unlock the doors of success.

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Ujjwal Chugh TEDx Talk

Ujjwal Chugh has been invited for the TEDx talk where he shares his success story from being Ordinary to Less Ordinary. He unfolds the key 'CKC' through which he is able to get onto the Less Ordinary dimension.

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Trust Me, you have the power to become less ordinary - Just believe in Yourself!

TEDx - 'CKC' The Secret to become less Ordinary

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From Ordinary To Less Ordinary

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