Ujjwal Chugh

Hi, I am Ujjwal Chugh

Iam dedicated to educate and invoke your less ordinary dimension.

Vision is not to be told, rather it has to be realised.

Ujjwal Chugh
  • Ever since my school days, I have been carrying an undying thirst to do something extra ordinary and damn crazy to unleash the human potential possibilities.
    Due to this thirst and wish & blessings of the Almighty, my guru, teachers & parents, I am able to create an exuberant & conscious ecosystem that is touching lacs of people to become less ordinary.

One thing which has kept me driving (and is still driving) is that life has a limitless potential and I must do something impactful & less ordinary that touch the lives of people (Zindagi mein kaam karo kuch aisa na jaane kaisa).

Ujjwal Chugh with Raza Murad
Awarded Shaheed Bhagat Singh Bravery Award 2016

Honored by Shri Raza Murad Ji
Legendary Famous Film Actor

Ujjwal Chugh with Dr Harsh Vardhan
Authored the 1st Digital Marketing Dictionary in the world

Presented book to Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ji
Minister of Science & Technology

Ujjwal Chugh with Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
Awarded National Gaurav Award 2017 at Vigyan Bhawan

Honored by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Ji
Union Minister of Minority Affairs

  • "A simple and clear understanding of life is the sole road that leads to a milestone. Always push yourself to be limitless, inquisitive, fearless and strive for an enlightening experience."

Initiatives - Tools that have helped me in evolving myself & many other lives

Leading my life intutively, I consider all my initiatives & projects as the Almighty's call for me to realise my own less ordinary dimension and spread the same with others for their higher evolution.

Share with others only when you have realised something. The more you share whole heartedly, the more it will come back to you. That is why I live my life as per Newton's third law i.e. work for the success & happiness of others and you will automatically become successful & happy.

Ujjwal Chugh


I started my entrepreneurial journey during my college days from a small firm "Innovative Solutions" which has grown into what now is known as ISOLS Group - A leading technology & digital marketing company.

The vision behind creating this venture has always been to create an ecosystem in which ordinary youth can be pulled-up and their less ordinary dimensions can be invoked to become upcoming, passionate & skillful leaders of the ecosystem.

Ujjwal Chugh workshops and sessions

UC Workshops & Sessions

Conscious manifestations lead to the realisation of success & self-evolution. With my conscious manifestations, I have fortunately been able to touch thousands of youngsters in-person to invoke their less ordinary dimensions for which hundreds of reputed institutions, colleges, universities and organisations have been inviting me to conduct workshops on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, self management, youth channelisation, faculty development program and other life & career orientation programs.

From these sessions only I have been able to invoke a lot of youngsters who have been able to transcend from ordinary to less-ordinary.

Coffee Time

The Dot Putter Show

The Dot Putter Show:
From Ordinary to Less Ordinary

For myself, I have taken it as the Almighty's call to touch billions of youngsters across the world for invoking their less ordinary dimensions.
To give an action to this movement, I have started the show 'The Dot Putter Show - From Ordinary to Less Ordinary' through which billions of youngsters can connect digitally and I can assist & catalyse them by addressing their issues and channelizing them for something meaningful & less ordinary. The show comes live every friday at 8 PM on my official YouTube Channel.

Lovely Cats

Ujjwal Chugh love for people

Symphony Foundation

My slogan for youth is "Humanity First, Character Must"

With this slogan and considering my responsibities towards the nature & society, I took a social initiative to bring smile & meaning to the life of millions of people for whom life is just about food, clothing and shelter.

Beautiful Cottages

How to Crack SSB by Ujjwal Chugh

How To Crack SSB Sessions

My journey uptil now has been very versatile, exuberant & blessed. In my life, I give the highest degree of respect to soldiers and then my gurus & parents.
In my school days, I had a thirst to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot, and for the same I cracked NDA & SSB twice. But nature had some different plans for me. The Almighty connected the dots in such a way that the 4th year of engineering provoked me to take an initiative by getting an invitation from an international publisher to write a book on Service Selection Board. And today being the author of the top rated book "How to Crack the SSB", which is followed by more than 1.5 Lakh aspirants, this initiative of "How to Crack SSB" sessions is assisting the true armed forces aspirants to become the future officers of the Indian Armed Forces.

Charismatic Doors

I am on the mission to Channalize 1 million people who can transcend from Ordinary to Less Ordinary!

Do you wanna be the 'One' among that million ?

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