FAIL – Fine And Intuitive Leader

FAIL – Fine And Intuitive Leader

The moment we come across the word ‘failure’ we all human being start ululating.

The reasons why the word ‘FAIL’ is pestering us- because we get spontaneous reaction from our brain that-Ohh! I lost… I’m a big loser. I’m not a right person for this task. I can’t do this anymore. I should give it up immediately…

So, does this happen with you also? If yes. Then you’re completely ill-logical and a real escapist….

Today, the word ‘failure’ has started sucking the blood of every single youth. But remember, if you think you are fail then you are sabotaging your life. When you’ll be introduced to the verity you’ll jerk yourself as you always flunk to understand the subtle nuances between the terms ‘pass & fail’. Only failures can excavate the real creators and leaders within us. It is only the failure that has the potential to influences an individual to step onto the path of success. Thus, the terminology ‘FAIL’ can be rightly expanded as-


However, you must be finding it very astonishing and hard to grasp this fact because- Till now, you have only come across to two words in our life- either you Fail or Pass. Since your childhood, you’re forced to understand the vivid difference between the terms ‘Failure’ & ‘Pass’. You know that, passing the examination is highly extolled else you have to prepare yourself to become the victim of penalty by your folks.

Thus, this sows the seeds of perception in your mind that ‘failure’ symbolizes defeat whereas ‘passing’ symbolizes that you ‘succeed’. Often, you are blown away when you get pass in any sort of examination whereas you blew your cool when you get fail.

In this fast moving metropolitan world, people today despite of working with the heart and soul think that they are only embracing failure i.e. fear of losing the job, fear of not cracking the exam in so many attempts and so on. In fact, we are so focused on not failing that we have completely stop keeping desire to achieve something in our life.

But I personally feel that it only depends upon one’s thought process whether he’ll win or lose.

This is because you never judge the things from your sub-conscious mind. Majority of the people uses their logical mind i.e. your left brain which is perception based gives answer spontaneously. This perception diminishes your creativity and thought process thereby preventing the powerful mind to go and think out of the box. Thus, your logical mind, by default gives the same conclusion that failure is bad and success is extremely good. In-fact failure is your divine true friend. If you think holistically from your non-perceptive mindset then you will be able to visualize & understand the things to the greater dimensions. Also, your inquisitive mind, the right brain (root for wisdom), will start emitting the optimistic rays and higher energy field from this failure itself. This approach has the potential to completely change the scenario by making the failure as the best point in achieving the success.

Haven’t you heard the case of Thomas Edison who invented the ‘Light Bulb’?

Do I still need to discuss that-failure is the step to succeed?

He got success in 1,000 tries. On being asked, how did he feel failing 999 times? He said- I didn’t fail but this invention required 1,000 steps. So, here a logical mind says that he failed as he was unable to complete the invention when he started. But as per the intuitive mind, he was developing gradually and strengthening his product. Every step of failure was introducing him to the path of the improvement and finally he succeeded & due to this failure he became the protagonist of the century.

Appositely, all the noble personalities and entrepreneurs, with their intuitive mind and holistic approach considered their failure to be the way for improvement. That is why they easily drive and lead the things. Without failure, they would have never realized the success.

Also, scientifically, nature gives every single thing in the state of harmony. So, how can a failure appear to shove a negative factor to us? It is we who have created this gap between the terms failure and success. Rather, the failure carries the potential to completely alter the life of human being, provided we have an intuitive mindset. It continuously works to ameliorate us day by day, bringing in the state of harmony. It is the only way that can be the real game changer. But, you only need to analyze the things holistically. Even our history is evidence that the one who were able to visualize the situations from their intuitive mindset have achieve the heights and became the noble personalities in this world.

So, if you FAIL- then this would mean that gradually you’re turning into a ‘Fine And Intuitive Leader’. So, Just Don’t Stop. ‘Failure’ acts as a spur towards the invention of the success. You all have to embrace it to explore & know your depth. If you do not come across any failure in your life then this would mean that you are travelling in a wrong path.

Invite Failure and accept it whole heartedly !