What is life???

Life is a paradox. When there is joy it may be followed by sorrow. When there is hope, despair seems to be around the corner. When success seems to be within reach, failure dashes all hope.
But there is no need to give up. For life is also resilient. Japan rose from the ashes of world war II, people have faced life anew after the destruction of tsunami, earthquake or accidents, life goes on. Hope springs eternal in the human heart. The spark has to be ignited to make life worth living.
‪#‎Life‬ has a different facet also for various people of all walks of life. For the artist, life is coloured with different hues, one has to only see the inner beauty; for the child it is an endless journey of fun and laughter; for a photographer life seems the outward beauty of the trees, mountains and the human face. For mother Teresa life meant seeing God’s creation in the ugliest of creation, for a politician life means to stay on the top even though he can meddle with the mind of the mob, for an actor life is selling dreams. So, what is life? Perhaps philosophically we have to see that we have only one life and any good that we may do, we should do it now for we shall not pass this way again.
Life is as you see it; black, white or shades of grey. Its for you to see and perceive. The question still remains What is life???
A rich man burst with laughter and said, “Money is Life.”
A poor man shivering with cold said, “Life is a struggle.”
A soldier standing in the battle said, “Life is a battlefield.”
A sparrow in the sky twittered, “Life is freedom.”
A helpless bird in the cage said, “Life is a prison.”
A saint in his speech said, “Life is the only way to reach God.”
But I say, “Life is a beautiful mystery.”
Which one do you agree with????

My warm regards to my school teacher Mrs. Mahanand Sharma
Ujjwal Chugh