Today, in this era everyone is scurrying frantically to taste the nectar of success. Just like an epidemic flu, it has injected deep into the minds of people. Many of us would contemplate success after dumping uncountable wealth in the Swiss bank while some defines it to be a business tycoon, whereas some eye success after embedding their names in the books of literature. People with such mindset are found in every nook and corner and are striving hard to get the umbrella of success by hook or crook. Just to fully enjoy the ecstasy of success, the youth is gambling with each & every opportunity that is knocking his way. The real time instances are happening day by day where youth has been constantly switching their field in order to get successful. So, we can say that it is more like a lust which everyone dreams and feels that it will give enjoyment 24*7.

Hit and trial method is being used by the majority of youth in order to grab the ladder of success. It’s a hard truth, doing something for sometime and then switching on to something else doesn’t yield any fruits rather it gives you a room to turn your life into escapism.

‘Live-in relationship’ aconcept that is ideally; ‘compatibility test with the partner’ is becoming very popular in India. After all, it’s your life and you have the full liberty to be with anyone and it gives you a wow feeling when you are not tied with an social obligation. Is it really confined to compatibility test only? I know most of you would be giving a mischievous smile because directly or indirectly it is well understood that why maximum people wants to land up into this kind of relationship. Don’t you? Of-Course! It’s all about misguiding yourself that you are playing a safe game where you do not leave any single chance to fall into the trap and simultaneously you fulfil the desire to grow the list of ‘make out’ with different partners. You superficially become so spellbound that your intelligence is completely hi-jacked. Forget about better understanding or testing the multiple options in order to select the best one. There is only one thing which enthralls them and that is physical intimacy. Digest it if you can! If we derive the hardcore truth then the intention is all about making fun every fucking night.

You heard it right! Here let me introduce to the verity that the youth is surviving in an illusionary world where they think that they are spending free life, playing a safe game but this is actually not the truth and doesn’t reflects one’s smartness rather it showcases that how infirm & confused they are to decide their path.

I really feel pity on such people. Have you ever tried to peep into this? How can a person accost himself as ‘free’ in the relationship where he/she is not responsible and cannot show the sense of commitment. The fact is, any true relation is always started responsibly with commitment. But, we go by our self interpretation and our self analysis and anticipation gives us a false judgement that we are on the safer side but practically,we are gradually spoiling our life and making it miserable.

One needs to break this self created perception. The youth is more into a risky zone. If you try to test thecompatibility through tests and experiments then you might become the victim of the situation and it can create disaster in your life. So, in order to get the desired outcomes one should possess strong will power and a deep passion to travel to its core.

Whether it is work or partner, commitment & passion plays a crucial role in creating strong foundation. One needs to understand the nuances between the two; Live-in relationship lacks commitment as it starts with an intention to keep an open end for escape and so is the perception for getting successful. How can one dare to be successful or to be at zenith if he/she abhors tying a bond with it? If he does so then this would justify that it is just the fascination and not truly committed by heart. Things when done in fascination bring a disastrous situation in one’s life. Delectation & cohabitation will definitely be there but one actually needs to wholeheartedly marry his work or partner in order to enjoy every single moment.

Don’t you know what we call a person who keeps on making out with new physique every day? Switching over to multiple options like cats and dogs doesn’t yield success. If they carry on lingering on new things for more couple of years, then this will become old and miserable thus turning their life into total dis-satisfaction which makes them to lose the mental balance too.

When you are truly passionate and committed for something then you get the power to surpass the social fear or pressure as well; which majority of youth wants to get rid of from taking a badge of marriage. How mean they could be who do not want to come under the tag of ‘being married’ as if they did a crime. The biggest irony is lying here with the youth, to the relationship which is purely connected with commitment and selfless love is given a name of barrier and they do not even carry the balls to accept their partner publicly. On contrary, the relationship which manifests one’s weakness in selecting a right choice is termed liberal. Doesn’t this sound humorous?

The real meaning of ‘Success’ lies in getting married once and sustaining it forever, whereas live-in relationship reveals one’s lack of commitment and fear.

Eventually, if one wants be on the zenith of success with flying colors then he/she has to get fully married with the work or his/her partner. The only ingredients to be successful is to have eternal love and passion from your heart and soul which vividly reveals that you are a robust personality and eventually success will definitely going to fall in your court.

So, in which kind of relationship you wish to dive into?